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What is ChitChatChimp?

ChitChatChimp is a web based chat bot builder that enables users to create their own affordable chat bots in just minutes with ZERO CODING required.  
Our platform is robust and highly flexible which means users can build any kind of bot - Bots to better support their customers, maximize engagement and drive higher sales conversions, gather feedback, even tutorial bots that can train their customers and visitors how to do specific tasks.  All while saving the bot owner considerable time and expense! 

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Earn An Industry Breaking 50% Commissions On All Front End And Upsell (Pro-Pack) Sales, PLUS An Additional 25% Commissions On All Ongoing And Recurring Payments For Account Lifetime On Each New User You Refer To Our Bot Building Platform...

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ChitChatChimp is sold on the popular PayKickStart network which offers full reporting and instant commission payments to you -

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A great way to passively promote the software is via a blog review - We've created one for you plus additional content posts - Download Zip File

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Banners For Your Blog:

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Additional Content Videos (use these to embed into posts and promo pages) - ChitChatChimp YouTube Playlist Here

How To Become A Promotion Hero...

This is based on our own proven marketing tactics that we’ve done over and over again to CRUSH it whenever we promote a product. It’s why we’ve been able to pull in hundreds of thousands in affiliate commissions year after year and win so many sales contests that we stopped counting.

It’s also EXACTLY what we also teach this inside our ‘Commission Miner‘ video course (WATCH IT FREE HERE) so yes, we really are practicing what we preach.

1: Set up a proper promotion page with a solid review, added bonus and strong call to action on it.  You can use the pre-made page inside your Commission Gorilla account but we recommend you customize it and give it your own personal stamp.  (You can also add a countdown timer, an attention bar and an exit 'catcha' for added marketing power).

2:  Send all your traffic to your promotion page via direct emails, blog posts, exit page traffic, social media and anywhere else.

3: Follow up!  This really is key...  Multiple emails and scarcity tend to double, triple (or more) conversions. We’ve done countless promos where the first day was so-so but we followed up and by the end of the campaign we’d done 5 figure commissions. If we had stopped after sending 1 email we would have not achieved 1/3 of the end results.  Your audience appreciates consistency

And with that we'll leave you with one final recommendation:  If you’re an affiliate marketer, if you have been doing it for years or if you just got started yesterday (Even if you’ve never promoted an affiliate offer before but plan to start doing it) and if you haven’t yet invested in Commission Gorilla do it now!  

This software is going to help you craft awesome promotion pages (bonus promotions, review pages, bypass pages and more) it’ll save you huge amounts of time and it will speed up your journey to higher commissions and an army of loyal fans.  And it’ll mean you can make your next promotion a great one a whole lot faster.

We've given you all the tools you need to replicate this winning formula above - the next step is up to you, grab what you need to get started and remember right now is always the best time to get started - Go spread the word and good luck! 

We are always accessible to our JV partners and affiliates who support us - Contact us via email or skype

Email: jeremy [@] or Skype ID: jeremygislason

We Appreciate Your Support
Many Thanks… The ChitChatChimp Team

Simon Hodgkinson

Simon Hodgkinson

Jeremy Gislason

Jeremy Gislason

Randy Smith

Randy Smith

Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Under Any Circumstances Affiliates must NOT use the following methods to promote our offers:

  • Mailing to email lists that do not allow recipients to unsubscribe.
  • Mailing to email lists via 3rd party systems or systems/emails that contravene the CanSpam laws .
  • Mailing to email lists with subject lines like – “Make Money Now”… “How I Got Rich” … etc.
  • Sending "Spam" traffic from services such as Ad Fly or Traffic Monsoon - This type of "low cost" traffic negatively impacts conversion rates and rankings and you will be banned from this and future promotions if you use it.
    • Using cash rebates.  Using negative words such as ‘scam’ in any PPC or promotional campaign.
    • Using cookie stuffing or other methods of link hijacking.
    • Applying to promote to simply "self-buy" is strictly against our terms. We monitor for this practice and we reserve the right to cancel your account, your affiliate account, and cancel any commissions earned.

    We request this to minimize bounce rates & complaints and we always suggest that you qualify your subscribers/lists before mailing offers to avoid complaints or low click/conversion rates.

    Important: Do not misrepresent our product/offer and follow all endorsement rules and regulations that are applicable both in the country where you are based and in the countries from which you are sending traffic or advertising in.

    FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on May 2015.  Please ensure you have reviewed these guidelines and comply where necessary with your marketing practices. will be used as the payment processor and affiliate program management platform, so please ensure you also follow all the standard Terms & Conditions.  

    Anyone found to be promoting our products in breach of these terms and conditions will be removed from our promotion programs without notice and any commissions marked null and void.

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