Time Travel, Artificial Intelligence And The Quest For The ULTIMATE Marketing Tool...


Before we dive into this 'beyond your wildest dreams' technological advancement.  And before we talk about a tool with the power to speed your business's growth and change the way you work. (Yes, this has that much potential)...

... We first need to take a short trip back in time! 

Keep reading because I promise you this story and it's payoff for you will be worth it!

We're heading to Chicago, it's 1904 and it's the very early days of 'modern' advertising.  

John E. Kennedy, a former Canadian mounted policeman is planning a career change.  He's about to enter the world of advertising and while he doesn't yet know it, he's about to change it forever.

ChitChatChimp - Time Machine

Kennedy's search for new employment has brought him into contact with Albert Lasker.  Lasker is shortly to become CEO of the Lord & Thomas agency. He will also become known as the "Father of Modern Advertising"

In their first encounter Lasker asks Kennedy to define advertising.  Kennedy summed it up in 3 words:  "salesmanship in print"

For Lasker, that reply brought with it a moment of clarity that would change his world and go on to shape ours.  

Within six months, Lord & Thomas became one of the three largest agencies in the nation. And their approach to selling with words changed society and how we buy things to this day.

Salesmanship In Print... Kennedy understood even the best salesmen couldn't be EVERYWHERE at the same time. But he believed it possible to replicate their success (at scale) using the power of the written word.  Sales Copy - Be it a long form letter, a short ad or a tightly written script for a radio or video commercial still works today...  BUT SOCIETY IS CHANGING!

Let's fast forward back to today.

As consumer choice grows. The demand for 'customized ecommerce' and personalization has intensified.  So the demands on our own businesses are changing too.  Companies that focus solely on 'salesmanship in print' are being overtaken.

Businesses that understand this renewed desire for direct interaction are gaining an advantage FAST!

All These Top Brands Are Using Bots

This demand fuels the development of Amazon and Apple's smart bots "Alexa" and "Siri". Facebook, Google, Microsoft and MANY other forward thinking businesses are building bots too. Their SMART BOTS are already assisting their customers as you read this page.

"The Race Has Already Started
But YOU Still Have A Head Start!.."

You see, outside of these 'big players' it seems many business owners still haven't woken up to this change. Maybe it's been the cost of entry, perhaps it's the levels of technical complexity.  

The good news is that because you found this page, neither barrier need apply to you.

  • Bots Can Boost Engagement On Any Website.
  • Bots Can Respond And Assist Visitors When You Can't.
  • Bots Can Turn Cold Prospects Into Paying Customers.
  • Bots Can Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More.
  • Bots Can Become Your Brand's Ambassador.
  • Bots Can Save You Considerable Time And Expense.

Chat bots without any doubt are the future of sales - Forecasts predict that
as soon as 2024 bots will be producing over $120 Billion Dollars in revenue...

We understand you don't want to give up your traditional marketing methods completely.  And the good news is you don't have to (right now you're still ahead of the curve).  But recognizing this growing demand and taking action now is key.

When Albert Lasker had his 'light bulb moment' back in 1904 it changed his fortune. We believe our new bot building platform 'Chit Chat Chimp' holds the same promise for you this year.

We're already witnessing the revolution.  Today you can choose to become part of it or ignore it and risk getting passed by.

This monumental change in demand is the reason we built our new bot builder, Chit Chat Chimp

Chit Chat Chimp doesn't rely on messenger apps or integration with expensive 3rd party services to function. It's affordable and you can build then add a new bot to any website within minutes.

Your bots won't get tired, they won't arrive late at the office and they'll never call in sick. And they are amazingly flexible (how you train your bots and what you teach them to do is up to you!)

You can build bots that will:

  • Help potential buyers make a buying decision.
  • Answer and handle any sales objections to boost conversions.
  • Upsell or cross-sell other products in your line up.
  • Provide custom recommendations to products or services.
  • Offer discount codes or remind prospects of sales deadlines.
  • Support your customers and site visitors (reducing staffing costs and freeing up your time)
  • Gather visitor feedback and provide you with valuable insights

You could even build an entire new business around your bot, train it to teach members/visitors specific skills and answer their questions . (see the DIY DAVE helper bot example below)

Let's Look At Some Bot Examples...
[These Are Just Examples You Can Build Your Bots For Any Purpose]

Support Bots

Reduce Your Workload

Support Bots

Sales Bots

Boost Your Conversions

Sales Bots

Feedback Bots

Gather Valuable Data

Research Bots

Training Bots

Teach/Train Your Audience

Training Bots

Ecommerce Bots

Make Ecom Easier

Ecommerce Bots

Why You Need It Now...

For support your bot's goal will be to reduce your workload and keep your customers happy, so you could teach your bot to answer common questions like "How do I assemble this widget", "Where do I access my product", "When will my package arrive?", "How do I reset my password?", "Where are the set up instructions?"

On a sales page your bot's mission could be to increase conversions, so you teach it to answer common pre-sales questions like "Does this product work in X country?", "Do you offer a guarantee?" or "How does your product compare against X competitors product?"

For market research and in instances where you simply want to understand your audience better, your bot could greet visitors with a question - Such as "What topic are you most interested in?" you'll get some great feedback for new product ideas and can further teach your bot to respond and make recommendations leading to sales.

Chit Chat Chimp makes it easy to create your own chat bot for both personal and commercial use, you can then add it to your website and provide your visitors with improved support, sales assistance or even just for entertainment.

It's SUPER EASY To Build A Bot...

With the Chit Chat Chimp bot builder you can create similar bots to the ones above in less than 5 minutes... With ZERO technical skills! 

You'll simply 'fill in the blanks' choose a suitable name and tag for your new bot, choose the colors, pick or upload an avatar and set your greeting message and common fall back responses (if the bot can't answer a question)  - It takes 5 minutes and your bot is ready to go!

ChitChatChimp - The Awesome Bot Builder

Customize Your Bot With Built In Avatars, Gravatar Integration Or Upload Your Own Images...

ChitChatChimp - Default Avatar Pack

Choosing Colors  

ChitChatChimp - Customize The Color

Adding Avatars  

ChitChatChimp - Choose Your Own Avatar

Built In Avatars  

ChitChatChimp - Built In Avatars

Now Anyone Can Build An Amazing Chat Bot Without Knowledge Of Programming!

Now you know some of the amazing ways Chit Chat Chimp can help you every day, let's look at how it actually works.

You see until now creating a chat bot for a website has been a cumbersome and technically frustrating challenge involving complex coding and weeks or even months of set up time. Chit Chat Chimp eliminates all that!

We've made the process of making and customizing your bot point and click simple and training it both fast and fun.

Training Your New Bot...

Just click on any of the images below to zoom in.  

Step #1 Pre-Load Some Questions & Answers

Step #2 Your Live Bot's Incoming Questions

Step #3 Adding Multiple Replies To Questions

Training Your Bot Is An Ongoing Process:  But You Only Need To Ever Answer A Question Once, The Next Time Your Bot Is Asked The Same Question It Will Know The Answer (A HUGE Time Saver)...  

Simply answer 'Unanswered Questions' add additional 'Pre Loaded' Questions and in no time at all your bot will be capable of answering ALL your site specific questions from your prospects, customers, members or subscribers.

Smarter Than Your 'Average' Bot...

As your bot's answer database grows your bot will grow smarter too...  We've built in a 'close match' question algorithm that works behind the scenes to provide answers to question that are NOT already in your answer database.  If your bot doesn't have a pre-programmed answer available it searches it's answer database using this algorithm to find the best match and provide an answer.

When this happens your bot will still save the question in your 'unanswered questions' but it will tell you it answered the question.  You can then check if the reply was good and if so hit the save button, or you can edit the answer for all future replies to that specific question.

NOTE:  Your bot's answered questions can be edited easily (for instance if you change a refund period, revise a launch date or need to change a link).

Running MULTIPLE Bots...

While you could choose to train one single bot to do everything in your business, you can also create and train multiple bots (depending on your account plan - see below) to do completely different things.  For example one bot for sales and another bot for training your members.

You can save separate answers for each individual bot PLUS you can save common answers for groups or all of your bots.

Example:  Let's say you sell two products each has different refund period guarantees.  (30 days or 60 days)  In this scenario if the question to be answered is "How long is your guarantee?"  you would save the answer "30 days" to just a single bot.  BUT if your policy is universal, then you can save the common answer "We offer a 60 day money back guarantee" to all of your bot's answer databases.   

Add Your Bot To ANY Website, Blog or Store...

Once you have created your bot adding it to your website is easy.  We'll supply you with a short snippet of code to place in your page's code and that's it.  You can then edit the look and feel of your bot at any time via your account dashboard and those new changes will instantly appear where you placed your bot (you won't need to touch the actual page again).

You can also set where your bot appears on the page.  Right or Left side (triggered by clicking the tab) or inline / embed in the page.

It's NOT A.I. or Machine Learning, It's Better!

Basically, there are two types of chat bots – 'unintelligent' ones that act using predefined conversation flows (questions and answers) written by real people like you and 'intelligent' or AI chat bots that use machine learning.

Chit Chat Chimp is 'unintelligent' and we think that's BETTER!..

Why? Because unlike machine learning your chat bot will always represent and assimilate your personality, your brand’s identity, it will speak to your visitors just like you would, using your language or the language your customers speak... And you can craft responses to best suit the input from the visitor.


"Cold and robotic" is often how people have described those conversations to us.  

And we've probably all seen what happens when machine learning bots go bad (remember when Microsoft's 'Tay' bot began spouting racist and xenophobic tweets!This can NEVER happen with Chit Chat Chimp!  Every response is learned from you or your team which makes the conversation experience for visitors far more realistic and authentic.

Your visitors are essentially talking to you, asking you questions - It's just that now "you" can have multiple simultaneous conversations and "you" can have them 24 hours per day, seven days per week and 365 days per year.

NEW:  'Chat Jacking' Feature

As you've seen, adding a chat bot to your site is EASY...  However what if you could also add a chat bot onto ANY website?

This add-on has been the #1 most requested feature from the smart affiliate marketing Pro's that helped to form part of our beta testing team.  And We've Built It!

Of course you could use this feature to have fun too, but it does have a potentially highly profitable purpose, especially if you regularly send traffic to 3rd party sites from ads or affiliate links. Remind visitors about your affiliate bonuses, deadlines to buy and lots more!

With the Chat Jacking feature enabled you'll get a short link to point your traffic towards. This serves the 3rd party site under your chat bot's overlay (don't worry we are not doing anything to the original site here - your bot is only seen by people who click your link) You simply add the URL you want to 'Chat Jack' and include a page title then distribute your special link.  It works like magic!

Build Your First Bot Today

SAVE BIG- Get Unlimited Everything With Just A Single/One Time Payment 

  • Unlimited Bots / Unlimited Sites / Unlimited Chats 
  • Fully Customizable Bot Designs
  • FREE 30 Day Chat Archive Storage
  • Smart Bot Training Suite
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  • Single One Time Payment [No Recurring Fees]
  • No Coding Required - Create Your First Bot In Just Minutes

30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee | Your Payment Is Secure And You Can Cancel At Any Time

Bots are set to change everything!

With Chit Chat Chimp you will be among the FIRST adopters of this technology in your marketplace and we hope you've seen already the incredible competitive advantage that it will give you...

And it's important you consider this stuff right now because we are standing before the biggest wave of technological and social upheaval the world will have EVER witnessed!

The 'Internet Of Things' is coming faster than ANY advancement that has come before it and it's going to rapidly reshape customer demand and expectation - This revolution won't take 20-30 years like the home PC or the 7 years it took smart phones to achieve the same level of growth.

You see the 'Internet of Things' is already happening all around us... And within the next year or two you'll either be at the cutting edge or you'll be nowhere!  If that sounds alarmist - good!  Because you need to be aware of what's happening!

Do you think in a society where autonomous cars will drive your prospect to work, avoiding the jams all the while they sit in comfort catching up on email via their tablet ... or when their smart phones will find your friends, tell them what they're up to and where to go eat just by the swipe of their finger... that your customers won't expect and demand the same kind of instant responses from you?

Think about it, if your fridge not only knows you're running low on milk but will place an order for it and have it delivered to your door later this afternoon why would you wait around for anything?

In this new business environment, with everyone connected to everything Do you think your new customers will be happy to wait 24 hours for you to reply to their question via a support desk?

When the world around your customers becomes INSTANT your ability to respond instantly will be essential.

If you can't reply, respond or interact RIGHT NOW and ON DEMAND your business will look prehistoric.

We know this is coming...  It's the reason why we built this software and it's what's now shaping ALL of our future software development...

As marketing colleagues, as friends, fellow entrepreneurs and like minded business owners, we're jointly looking towards the near future and we see this huge 'internet of things meteor' hurtling toward us - So join us on this journey now, take advantage of this one of a kind opportunity and together we will adapt and take action to ensure our businesses won't fade into history like the dinosaurs.

The time to act is now. There is no prize for ignoring these seismic changes that are happening...   We truly believe that it's critical you commit to change now, to reach your audience faster, to enhance the perception of your business exponentially (shifting from market followers to market leaders) and with Chit Chat Chimp you can start with less effort, with reduced costs and with true unlimited potential!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-loading Your Bot With Questions and Answers

Setting Up Your Bot With Default Answers

Answering "Unanswered" Questions

Can I View My Bot's Conversations With Visitors?

Virtual Support Assistant Bots

Virtual Sales Assistant Bots

Virtual Training Assistant Bots

Virtual Feedback & Research Bots

Get Started Right Now

SAVE BIG- Get Unlimited Everything With Just A Single/One Time Payment 

  • Unlimited Bots / Unlimited Sites / Unlimited Chats 
  • Fully Customizable Bot Designs
  • FREE 30 Day Chat Archive Storage
  • Smart Bot Training Suite
  • Overlay Bots On Third-Party Sites [Chat Jacker Feature] 
  • Single One Time Payment [No Recurring Fees]
  • No Coding Required - Create Your First Bot In Just Minutes

30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee | Your Payment Is Secure And You Can Cancel At Any Time


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